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Science And Technology

It seems that in the new generation, as time goes by, science and technology are going to affect our lifestyle. High speed machines, computers, space travelling and communications are some evidence of todays world that indicates we are changing very rapidly with the use of technology.  The continuation of technology can be either negative or positive. It can help our lives, but it can also harm the environment. The question we have all tried to resolve is: has technology gone too far, or is it our only options for the future?

Technology must continue. Without technology, how do we survive? Would we have lights to see at night, houses to live in, enjoy the comfort and luxuries that they have brought us, survive any day and come back home in one piece and also, what you are now reading is compiled by the help of a technology - the computer. Technology is not only about computers and machines and all that high-tech stuff.. They have many things to do with the nature…

The help of nature by technology includes the findings of cures for diseases. Many new cures are now discovered, but not many people realise their potential. They believe that they are accidental findings. Without these advanced research, everyone on earth will probably die from the common cold! Endangered animals are helped by improving their lifestyle and are bred easier and faster, using artificial insemination. Scientists can also find ways to control the overpopulation of some species. Technology can overcome the problem of insufficiency of resource by finding ways to increase production, such as genetically engineering their genes etc.

One of the advantages that technology has done for us is making our lives easier to live. They gave us transport to travel to places quickly, and inventing new technology to improve our everyday living, thus more time efficient. Technology also plays a part in giving us comfort and luxuries. Things like television, computers and communication are everyday inventions. Technology has been changing in a way that space travelling is possible. From cars to Tonka trucks in Mars. They are all made possible with the help of technology.

Technology has been around when humans existed on earth.  From twigs to shelter, from stones to weapons. Throughout this time, technology of all types and categories, has made life easy to live. Technology should continue, as it is part of our ?radition’. If technology is to continue, today? technology will improve tomorrow, as the journey goes on…
 Stop there! It? time to think about what the bad effects technology has given us that many people are unaware of. Sure, technology gave us some advantages, but for every advantage, there is always an equal and opposite disadvantage! For example, this piece of essay is computer-generated. The advantage is being neat and easy to read, but the disadvantage is the waste of paper, ink and also energy is wasted in the use of the computer.

Technology has been harming the world. It is running out of resources for everyone to consume, as the environment is slowly damaged by our everyday technologies. Cars, factories producing new products and machines are ?elping’ the air quality. Dumping non-renewable resources that technology has created is not environmentally friendly. This will also lead to damage in our health. There are animals being killed that are used in testings. The aim of this is to introduce more products.

Technology has been changing very rapidly that it has now gone out of control. From genes to DNA to cloning of animals (and now they are thinking about humans). Technology is becoming more and more dangerous, as they start to take over our lives. We are very dependant on technology. Too much, that one little mistake on the technology can cost us our lives.

As new technology comes into the market, old technology must be replaced. The idea of upgrading or improvement in technology means that people are going to waste money. Also the fact that new technology or products will cost a fortune, this will lead to currency crisis or rise in the value of money. The building of new technology also means that machines will start to take over the humans’ job, thus more people will be out of their jobs. Some people will be stuck in their home in front of their television and all their high-tech belongings, having no contact with other people.

Countries will compete each other in the game of destruction, as there are enough ammunition to destroy earth. With this happening, it is unlikely that there is an end to it…

Should we let technology continue their job, or to bring an end to it. Although I support the idea that for every advantage, there is always an opposite and equal disadvantage, I personally believe that technology should not end. I agree that technology will make our lives easier, but I also agree that technology will somehow harm the earth. Technology can help the nature, but it can also harm it. For example, machines will pollute the air, but on the other hand, machines can help to clean the water. Having technology will make people lose their contact with other people, but then, if we use technology, there will be easier communication by the use of phones.

It is virtually impossible to stop technology now. It is too late to start thinking about it because we are now depending and relying on them too much. If it is to stop, many people would not like the idea. The building of new technology is not what I call a game of destruction or trying to be the best. Technology is made, because they are helpful to our everyday living, so that we can live life more safer and easier.

To conclude this, technology is neither good nor bad. Sometimes it is an advantage to some people, but it can be negative. It can be an evil spell or an everyday adventure. But whatever it is, only we will decide its fate.