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WORK : To be Valuable or not to be.

Sometimes, work is valuable and sometimes not. Work is an advantage, because you gain money and earn a living. On the other hand, some people believe that work is a negative factor, because of stress and hard work. 

Why is work valuable? Many people believe that the importance of working is getting paid. Money is a very important item for survival. We need it to earn a living, as well as preparing for future needs. Work is also a way to satisfy needs. Whatever you do, you will always gain something at the end. Some say that work is only about gaining knowledge, experience and helping others as well as yourself. Although this may not be a popular excuse for working, it might be so, for unpaid or volunteer workers. 

There is some occupation that might not be beneficial with their personal gaining. This kind of job may be part of their lifestyle, and they do it because it is their interest or hobby. For example, a person who gets paid for playing sport, or simply, someone who sits in front of the computer screen all day testing games. This is also related to personal satisfaction. Working not only satisfies the need of doing something mentally or physically, but is a good way to spend your time. 

A reliable job can provide security. It will build-up your self-esteem and develop good communication skills with your work members. It is a stable way to earn money, rather than gambling it, such as shares, where one mistake can cost your life. 

There are times when work is not valuable and can lead to many negative factors. Some experience stress because of hard work and are getting less free time for relaxing or having a social life. Others feel that they are not being paid enough. 

People feel that unpaid, volunteer or community work is the kind of work that is not valuable. They believe that there is no point in working if they are not being paid. On the other hand, unpaid housework is something you have to do, no matter what. 

Work may be valuable because of money or to gain experience, but it maybe unrewarding as it sometimes affects your social life. Whether it is about gaining income, experience or helping others, you will always gain something at the end.