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I m m i g r a n t s  I n  A u s t r a l i a

Being new to the country, many immigrants find it difficult to settle in with a new lifestyle. The sudden change to a unique culture, like Australia, makes these people uncomfortable to live and will face problems. While this maybe the disadvantage, the benefits for long term residence can be fulfilling.

First Impressions: The first impression about Australia is probably a strange feeling. Things will look and feel totally different to where they came from.

Problems: People will have difficulty trying to fit into a different culture.
Benefits: The reason people come to Australia is because it has improved their lifestyle.
Long Term Effects: The longer they live, the more used to the Aussie way of life.
In conclusive, immigrants seemed that they don? fit in with their differences in customs and language. After settling in, most found that Australia wasn? as bad as it thought it would be, as problems are easily overcome.