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S t r i c t l y   B a l l r o o m

Strictly Ballroom is one of Australia's best-loved movies. A musical comedy containing 95 minutes of laughter, emotions and thrills - and you'd better believe it's going to be darned good to get your money back !

Focusing on the daily Australian life, this film concerns two young dancers in struggle to dance their own new steps in the competing world of strict dancing.

The talented Scott Hastings (Paul Mercurio) was a young man who was born to dance; plays an attractive, intelligent and the perfect male-ballroom dancer. He comes from well-known parents who owns a dancing club. Expecting Scott to win the highest prize of competition: the Pan Pacifics, he was often pushed to the limits.

This all changes when Scott and his usual dancing partner Liz (Gia Carrides) splits up because of his ideas of new steps. Unsupported by his peers, he soon discovered his partner Fran (Tara Morice), who believed in his dancing steps. On the other side of Fran's story, she was an unexperienced dancer who normally dances with a fat lady and had a Spanish background. Of course, Scott and Fran's relationship builds, and careless about winning, their confidence in dancing their steps in front of the Pan Pacifics soon became a reality. The story end in the Pan Pacifics where Scott retains his old partner Liz, then dumps her the second time after the discovery of his parents' past.

The story is much and do about the relationship between family, friends and peers. Yet also funny, it is expressed in a clash of cinematic styles.

The award winning cast and crew of Strictly Ballroom is surely a success, with director Baz Luhrmann and producer Tristram Miall.

Music is also a convincing factor - from the classical music to the nineties'  music; it portrays the mood and situation. No visual effects were used, since acting was superb. "Take out the computer graphics, and it would be a real contender with Titanic." The costumes were also stunning, which expresses the true identity of the Australian people and their values.

One of the disappointments of this film was the amount of plot. It didn't have enough 'twist' to the story - it needed more thrill and scenes of defraud.

Strictly Ballroom is an excellent family entertainment and is great for all ages. It expresses our true image of the Australian community clearly with style and attitude. Humorous, emotional and very moralistic and is definitely recommended for all dancing lovers...

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THE BOTTOM LINE:  BORING...   out of  5