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Ekin - The Messenger Of Zeltania

          Ekin was a bright and clever man who lived as a hero. He spent most of his life serving and protecting the people of Zeltania, a province in Babylon. He was not greedy, nor did he have any ambitions. Ekin was a kind man who always wanted to serve God. The people of Zeltania were gracious for his duties, but soon after, he passed away. The people saw spirits of Ekin and were curious about his after-death. The believed that Ekin were chosen to face the test to reach God's heaven. 
          According to Zeltan religion, people who led a good life will go to heaven. People such as Ekin who devoted his life to others have the chance to live in God's heaven to serve God. The test involves two stages to complete, and if they fail, they are sent to hell. 
          The entrance to heaven seems to have an endless bright surrounding. All Ekin could see was two angels guarding behind a gate each. One of them is a good angel who is always telling the truth and is guarding the door to the next test. The other is a bad angel who tells lies and stands in front of the door to hell. For his first test in order to get to the next stage, Ekin must identify the angels by asking them only one question, and the angels can only reply yes or no. Ekin thought wisely and was clever enough to identify what was behind the doors. He asked one of the angels, 
          'Will the other angel tell me that you are guarding the door to the next stage?' 
          This was a clever question, because if the angel he asked was honest, he will know that the other angel is lying, so the answer will be no. This means behind the good angel is the door to the next stage. If he asks the evil one, he will say yes, so to lie that he is guarding the door to heaven. 
          After Ekin correctly identifies the gate, he enters his last test. He finds himself transported to the border of heaven and hell, but was captured by a demon. The hideous creature allowed Ekin to make a statement before he was taken to hell. The demon said to Ekin, 
          'If you make a true statement, you will be fed to the demons, and if the statement is false, you will be burned forever.' 
          Ekin wisely made his statement and said, 
          'I will be burned forever.' 
          If the statement was true, he would be fed, which would make the statement false, so he will be burned. Then the statement becomes true again. The demon was confused and baffled and decides to set him free. 
          Ekin had completed the test and reached God's heaven and later met God. Because of good deeds he proved in life, God had given him supernatural powers and to become an angel himself. He was a guardian angel, whose job was to serve and protect mankind. The people of Zeltania saw visions of Ekin and were later worshipped as the messenger of Zeltania.