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Simon Lee 
Kitchener Street, 
NETHERBY,  5062 

Jackie Chan 
1/5F Superstar Street, 
Who Am I Building 

Dear Jackie, 

I am a year 11 student from Australia and also a huge admirer of your movies. I was also born in Hong Kong and have seen and enjoyed many of your productions. I am very interested in your movie-making and I hope I can learn a little bit more about yourself. 

Obviously, you are famous for your action-stunt movies in Hong Kong and internationally. Over the years, you have directed and starred as the 'good guy' in over 40 movies. They combined martial arts, death-defying stunts and also some humour to entertain viewers. During the past 3 years, I have noticed your popularity increase in the American film industry. 

I have recently seen your latest movie 'Who Am I' and I believe it was the best movie I've ever seen. I really enjoyed the way you performed your acrobatics; making dangerous scenes into suspense and adding a few comedies in critical moments. Your productions seemed to get better and better with new ideas. I am very interested how you can come up with such interesting ideas in your films every time. 

I have heard that you will never use a stunt-double in any of your films. From jumping off buildings to being set on fire, one thing I don? understand is why you want to risk your life or even want to continue acting with an injury or pain. I like to know what keeps you motivated? If your film makes a loss, would you decide to make another one? With your age approaching 50, do you intend to continue acting? Your dream was once to become a martial arts director and to control people. You needed power for this kind of prestigious job, but now, would you reconsider? 

Handling fame seems to be easy for you, as you are one of the most talented movie stars in the world. Being featured in stamps and being part of the Hong Kong hand-over and many charities have made you famous. I feel that you are not just an actor who relies on talking, but also your hard work towards the making of a film. 

It would be an honour to meet you in person one day, if not, I wish you good luck in the future with many great movies. 

Yours sincerely,