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F a m e

One of the baffling words in the English vocabulary is fame. We can easily understand the definition by using Princess Diana, Elvis and Bill Clinton as examples, but we find it difficult to explain it. Fame is more than just being well known and popular. It has money, attention, power and glamour.

'Fame is like water, which gives richness to plants and is the answer to immortality.' If we visualise this quotation, I feel that water is a desirable possession for many; as it sustains life and is beneficial for growth and success. It is a good description of fame, because it has similar expressions; such as gaining more wealth, providing a service for others and a guaranteed successful future.

One of the common ambitions in life is to become famous; but what does it say on the price tag? A person may need little or a great deal of effort to achieve fame. It can take a lifetime but can also take five minutes. Often, people become famous for their lifetime skills and achievements, while others unexpectedly get caught up in events, such as Monica Lewinsky or Stuart Diver.

Looking at both cases, I think success from personal skills will have a longer duration of fame, since the entertainment they provide is long term. The 'unexpected' famous people will make a permanent contribution to human society, but will slowly die out of the public eye. Relating to the quotation, I believe fame has a lifespan. Just like a plant, it may not survive if it runs out of water, but the 'spirit' of the plant will endure.

Popularity is the key to become famous. This is why I see the media as an important factor to promote their fame. With TV, radio and various types of media that surround our lives; people pay much attention to what is happening. On the other hand, too much media can be inhuman; for example, the loss of Princess Diana. Many assume this disaster was primarily the Paparazzi's fault, blaming them for being 'pain in the neck and intrusive' Celebrities often accept fame as part of their working life, but facing the media or being followed around will take away their privacy. I think the concern about fame is being over-popular, which consequently can lead to tragedy. We can picture fame as a plant being killed quite easily by over-watering it.

On the brighter side, I believe having a famous reputation can be extremely rewarding. Being ranked as the next best thing after immortality; famous names will live forever and earning more money will improve their reputation, as well as good health. Most of all, being rich and powerful allows them to do what they want.

In this essay, we have mentioned the good and bad points about fame; for example the duration, the media and the outcomes. To the public's point of view, they described fame as an exciting experience, but the obstacles one need to face can result in jeopardy. We have looked at how watering a plant can be similar to fame and why it is a desire in life. Maybe if we regularly water our plants and not disturb them, they will happily grow tall with a bright future.