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What Is It Like To Be An Employer?

As an interview to research about what is it like to be an employer, I interviewed an assistant manager at Dick Smith Electronics. This person does not own the store, but he runs it. The type of business is providing electronic goods for consumer needs. Working full time, his job tasks are opening the store, selling products and employing people. The employer? job is similar to the employees, except they have more responsibilities. 

  • The purpose of an employer is to recruit people. During this time, applicants will go through many stages to help the employer to find the required person.
Stages- You have to send a resume to the state manager to apply for the job. It is then referred to whoever needs an employee. The manager there will ask that person to attend an interview. When there is a vacant position, the employer will ask him/her to work for 3 months. During this period, they will test their personal conduct, abilities and qualities before they are accepted. 

Interview- The interview will last for 2 hours. Employers will be looking for their strengths and weaknesses. They will use the time to test the person? mental and physical abilities. 

Qualities- The employer will focus on how reliable and committed they work. To help the business, they will consider targeting people who have good communication skills with outsiders and can handle stress. Factors like experience is less considered, because training is provided. 

Education- To qualify for a job at Dick Smith?, all you need is year 10 and some working experience. The key in becoming successful is to remain focused. If you do not perform well, you do not improve your ranking. 

Wages- Wages are set depending on the skill level. They are negotiable. 

  • Rules and Policies are set between the employers and the employees. For the safety of staff and customers, each person must obey these rules.
Health and Safety- The employer has the responsibilities of making the workplace safe for everyone. Health and safety are checked at a weekly basis. 

Misconduct- To guarantee a productive workplace, the employer has the right to sack workers, with a legitimate reason. They will give out a maximum of 3 warnings of the same misconduct. After that, they have the option to retrain them or if it is a bad habit, he/she will be sacked. Rude to customers, lack of effort or bludging are examples of misconduct. If there is a situation of crime and it is proven, the police are informed and they are sacked immediately. 

The advantage of being an employer is getting to work with different people. It is not a stressful job; even when there is a lot of work. Being too responsible is a disadvantage. It is pressure, when you are working and you have to take note of the performance of others at the same time. Teaching and training is a hassle, because it is sometimes hard to explain directions properly. 

From my interview, I realised that an employer must be very responsible. They need to think quickly and handle situations with ease. An employer is a very busy person; he/she must meet the needs of their employees and consumers.