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Wrapper Notation
Diving has been a common sport to Australians in the past and present. In the past, people used to dive from jetties in the beach or wherever they can jump off. Today this is against the law and many people would go to swimming centres (for example) to dive. People at those days would treat diving as 'getting into the water' not a competitive sport.

Surfing is also related to diving. From this picture, it looks as if the man is stuck in the water and the lady is trying to get him out by swimming out of the wave behind. From this, I see no surfboard or any 'floaties' attached to anyone. The only clue about surfing in the past is the waves being drawn in the background.

Going to the races have been a major pastime for the Australians. In the past, betting on horses are very popular for many men (from background). The man's expression is unhappy because they are walking away from the 2 men behind them, while the lady is happier, because she wants to meet people and show off her outfit.

Walking has been a pastime in the past and present. You can keep fit while getting fresh air. But looking at the fashion, men wore cowboy hats (which is common in today's outback of Australia), a jacket, shirt and pants. Women wore casual hat, shirt, dress and they carried a backpack, which is not convienient.

Bridge is sort of a card game played with a partner (team game). The type of fashion these people are wearing is formal clothing. The reason to dress formal is maybe so that they can respect each other, just in case they may win the game. Men likes to 'gel' their hair all the way, while women prefer to curl them. Today, we play cards at home and wear whatever we want, while drinking our beers.


In the past, a lot of people knew a lot about dancing, they have good techniques and movements. Formal dancing has been quite the same this century: men wore tucks and ladies wore a dress.

In the past, the swimwear clothing did not allow much body/skin to be seen. Women had to cover their head and men had to cover their 'top half'. Sitting on the beach and enjoying some snacks are also pastimes of Australians today.



Comparing with the past cartoons and the present ones for Minties, I found that the past cartoons showed more attitudes towards the Australian culture and the people. In the cartoons of today's wrappers, it showed many situations of the things that is highly unlikely to happen, but drawn in a funny way as a form of entertainment. It uses the colours of red and green in these wrappers, but green for all cartoons. The cartoon designs are simply line art and only the shape of the picture matters.
The cartoons made in the 1930's have put in more detail and precision on the picture. Although they are black and white, things such as face expression, thickness of the lines and real human features are taken into account. These cartoons should be recommended for the mature-aged persons. Because Minties started way back in the 1920's, as time passed, young children begin to eat them too. The designing of today's Minties wrappers may be influenced by these children, or to gain more support from them.

If these cartoons were retained, and when we look at them in the future, I don't think it will reflect the past of Australia, not like the ones made in the 1930's.