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Minties T.V Advertisements

A man at the airport is waiting for his luggage to come out of the conveyor belt with the rest of the people. When his suitcase appears, the man lifts the suitcase up, but he did not know that the suitcase was open. The clothes inside were dropped and was scattered all around the conveyor belt. The other people who was waiting for their luggage sees the man's clothes and begins to laugh. The man was embarrassed, so the lady standing next to him offers him a Mintie. He accepts it and makes him feel better. The advertisement then ends with a Minties background music and a voice over saying 'It Moments Like These You Need Minties'


This advertisement does not really reflect on Australians or it's culture. It did not give us much clues about what country the advertisement is based on, even when it was filmed in Australia. Another words, it can be understood by any one from any part of this world, and maybe thought to been filmed from somewhere else.

I don't believe that this would be a typical day to day real life situation of the average Australian. I think this advertisement is just a small idea-joke dealing with a really clumsy person.


A railway station is located in the outback of Australia. The camera pans across an illustrated, vast open space with the red dry land and mountains as the background. The station and the track is the only connection to civilisation (or the outside world). The camera then focuses onto a man and a lady with their suitcases, standing on the station platform waiting for the train to come. When they heard the train coming, they both looked to the left. As the steam train comes towards them, these two people picks up their suitcase anticipating the train will stop. The train continued travelling. Camera continues to focus on the train passing until the back of the train is seen, as it heads off into the vast country. The man looks at the lady and no words are spoken. He reaches for a packet of Minties and offers her a Mintie as they both smiled. 'It Moments Like These... appears on the screen.


In summary, the advertisement is trying to say that there is only one track connected to the outside world, and the only way to get there is at the train station. Because the man and the lady is part of the outside world, they truly rely on this mode of transport. If they miss the train, it may take a while for the next ride, which is a moment not to forget.

From this television advertisement, I have concluded that the scene or the place of the filming reflects on the Australian land and where it is set in: the description of the red and dry land with mountains behind it.

Set and produced in the 1980's in Australia, it shows that the transport is a steam train, which is a common mode of transport back at those days. The appearance of the man and the lady clearly shows the fashion of the hairstyle and the type of clothing worn is out of date. Although the man is wearing jeans, which is today's common style, but does not reflect on the type of fashion worn in hot environments.

This advertisement reflects the typical 'day to day' real life situation of the average Australian. I believe that trains (including other transport) can do this to people in today? world.