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Chinese  Leisure  Activities

In today's China: leisure, sports and pastimes are enjoyed everyday all around China. The Chinese people now have more free time than ever before, because technology is beginning to do their work. With this spare time, the Chinese people will participate in a wide range of leisure activities to keep them busy.

The type of leisure activities the Chinese take depends on how rich or where they live. City residents spend their spare time by learning, such as doing martial arts or performing arts. People who live in the countryside tend to do things more relaxing, but old fashioned. They like to find ways to have fun. Only a low percentage of the people in China are 'rich'. Those who are average tend to enjoy 'do-it-yourself' activities, like making furniture, mending things, making clothes, growing food, improving their home and making small items for sale. Others who can afford a T.V set will watch it a lot. Young people watch T.V not also does it give entertainment, but it gives them a chance to learn English.

In China, many people do not like staying at home in their spare time (This is the reason why it is always crowded outdoors). At weekends, people of all ages usually take a walk around the streets or meet in the parks to practise singing, musical instruments or to play Chinese chess. On Sundays the family gets together to visit historical sites, such as the Great Wall, or enjoy a rowboat ride. They will also visit friends and relatives, do shopping and go to restaurants to eat lunch (Yum Cha).

Children of all ages are very keen about their hobbies. Kids gather in the streets or parks to discuss their pastimes. They might trade their 'treasures' or playing many traditional games. Children also adopt games from other countries, like keeping small pets or  playing marbles. Adults are into learning activities, for example martial arts. Tai Chi is a famous exercise in China that can keep the body fit and control the concentration. Many people gather in parks each morning to practise this exercise. Most women play Mah-jongg (a famous Chinese game). For the elderly men, their favourite pastime is training their pet songbirds. They like to keep them in cages and care for them by walking with them every morning and showing them off!

Sports in China are very popular for all age levels. Most Chinese participate in some physical activity to keep them fit. The most popular sports are Ping Pong (table tennis), Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics and Soccer. Some people may take the sport for fun or competitively. Others may choose to watch other people play. In the Olympics, China has done very well in all areas of sport. This is an example of how China takes their sport very seriously.

Whether if the people of China are young or old, where they live or how rich they are, the Chinese people will use their spare time to relax or to have fun. They always will find ways to keep them active.