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D e n g  X i a o  P i n g

Born in 1904, Deng Xiaoping played an important role in helping propel China into the modern world. Deng's policies had set off a 'boom' that improved the lives of China's 1.2 billion people. He was a fair and honest leader, and was the best. Soon after, in February 19th, 1997, he died from a long suffering Parkinson? Disease.

Deng? policies attracted both criticism and praise from the Chinese people. In 1984, he opened the Economic Reform. The policy had changed the way of the Chinese into modernisation. In rural farmlands, peasants harvested record crops and made money in private markets. These people had better housing and improved their lifestyle. The economic liberation spread throughout the land, as growth rapidly increased. Millions of Chinese made money, accumulating private wealth in stocks and bonds, more opportunities and had better living conditions. The Chinese turned to Western, as cars, appliances, T.Vs, computers and other expensive technologies were bought.

The economic change in China had also resulted in more social life for the Chinese. People can wear what they want, work where they want and live where they want. They have more access to information and had more human rights.

The change to a rapid-growing and modernising nation had created problems. The improvement by city residents has left rural incomes far behind. Because of the unemployment increase in cities, many rural workers struggle to survive in low incomes and many are facing poverty. Even though the economy is improving, progress has not been fast enough to prevent other problems…

Crime has appeared; for example child labor, prostitution and drugs. Increase in industries have degraded the country's environment and the shortage of land and water. Unemployment led to noisy demonstrations and strikes. Corruptions began as police, soldiers and officials went 'greedy'.

Deng's Economic Reform had given new hope to the Chinese and their country. Establishing more private businesses, rebuilding cities, attracting foreign investments, promoting its finance, trade and culture are some of the things brought up. During his life, Deng Xiaoping had made many friends but also many foes. But he was known as an important leader whom led China to modernisation and a hopeful future…