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Australia In The Asian Region Survey
If you cannot answer some questions, just leave it blank or do the best you can!
                                                                                                      ANSWERS HERE


1.)  Approximately, how many people live in Asia? 

          1           2           3           4           5           6          (Billions) 

2.)  Pick the FURTHEST country from Adelaide… 


3.)  Which Asian country has the most islands?   _______________________________ 

4.)  Name the only Asian country that the equator passes…  ______________________ 

5.)  Which ONE of the following do not belong to the Asian region… 

       NEPAL        TURKMENISTAN        NAMIBIA        MYANMAR        CHINA 

Current Events 

6.)  What is the name of Japan? new Prime Minister?  __________________________ 

7.)  Which Asian country is currently suffering from floods?  ______________________ 

8.)  Where is the host city of the 1998 Commonwealth Games?  ___________________ 

9.)  Which British colony was handed back to China in 1997?  ____________________ 

10.)  Which country recently experienced tidal waves caused by earthquakes? 


Politics and History 

11.)  Name an Asian country that belongs to the Commonwealth   __________________ 

12.)  Pakistan? land was used to be part of India…           True          /          False 

13.)  2 Atomic bombs were dropped in Japan in 1945. The first was in HIROSHIMA

       where was the other one dropped?  _____________________________________ 

14.)  Who was Pol Pot? He was the former….. 

a)  Chinese Communist Leader? 
b)  Malaysia Prime Minister? 
c)  Japanese Emperor? 
d)  Cambodian Leader? 

15.)  Why was Korea split into North and South Korea?  ________________________ 


Attitudes and Opinions 

16.)  Geographically, do you think Australia is part of Asia? 
LEVEL:        DISAGREE      HALF      NEUTRAL      HALF      AGREE 

17.)  Do you support Asian immigrants to Australia?            YES     /     NO 

18.)  Do you think Asians in Australia is a good sign and can help our country? 

                      NO         HALF         NEUTRAL         HALF         YES 

19.)  If you were to live in an Asia country, where would this place be? ______________ 

20.)  Which 2 countries do you think has the most broad relationship with Australia? 
                                (In terms of culture, economy, communication) 

                        CHOICE:  US, UK, CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, 
                             PAPUA NEW GUINEA, HONG KONG, INDIA 


Which has the least?  ___________________________________________________ 

                                    WE APPRECIATE YOUR TIME !!!

                                         HAPPY HOLIDAYS !