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Analysis  Of  Survey  Results

1.  Approximately, how many people live in Asia?   3 BILLION

The first question seemed to be the hardest common knowledge question. Only 2 people from each age group was correct and the rest with some unusual responses. Most people thought Asians dominate most of the population of the world, since there is approx. 6 billion. This might be true, as we think of China and India's population. I think some don't even know the world? population…

2.  The furthest country from Adelaide is...  JAPAN

This question was a tricky one, but most people from all ages were able to get it correct. In fact, Sri Lanka is only a couple hundred kms further than Japan. This proves that people know their map skills and location: no one chose Vietnam and Indonesia. The 50+'s age group performed the best. The differences between the young and old age were: travelled more often, living longer and more education.

3.  The country with the most islands...  The PHILIPPINES

On the map, we realise Indonesia and Japan is made up of many big islands. In fact, the Philippines have the most islands. Since they are too small to be indicated, we know little bit about their islands. Our awareness of Asian geography is educated with the aid of a map, but is doesn't really provide us with many details. Therefore, even the older people struggle to get this question right. Very low results.

4.  Name the country the equator passes...  INDONESIA

In support with the last paragraph, not many people really care about the location of the equator on the map. This is a fascinating question, because only Indonesia cuts it. A tough question for most under 25 years, but the correct responses gradually increase as it reaches the over 50's group. People think of Indonesia's large area. Nevertheless, it showed that most people knew it was located near the south-east Asia region.

5.  Which one do not belong to Asia...   NAMIBIA

A deliberate trap-question. Turns out it couldn't fool the 50+ group, since they knew it belonged to South Africa. The choice of Turkmenistan and Myanmar was able to fool the 25 below age group and some below 50. The reasoning for this is because we are unfamiliar about the west-Asian countries, ie Turkmenistan; they are hard to remember and doesn't sound like an Asian country. Namibia sounds like Asian to me!

6.  Who is Japan? new Prime Minister?     Mr. OBUCHI

No-one was able to answer this question correctly. Only 2 attempted it, but was way off! The reason it had a bad response was probably due to bad knowledge in current events. Maybe because we don't really care about politics in other countries and think that it will not affect us. Also, Obuchi is a very hard to remember and pronounce name. Since he is the new PM, he is still unknown for his good points towards Japan.

7.  Which country is currently suffering from floods?    CHINA / INDIA

The result showed that 14 people (out of 15) got this question correct. Why? I didn't expect the under 25's to get it all correct, because I don't think they are into current issues. It may be because India and China, being the heaviest populated nation, the floods are very bad news to the people and country itself. Millions are homeless and deaths results, so there is much attention gone towards this disaster, worldwide.

8.  Where is the 1998 Commonwealth Games held?    KUALA LUMPUR

Most people from all ages knew this answer. Australia has dominated in this large sporting event and has made our country proud. Leading the event, most people would know about our success etc. We know from various media and are easy to remember, because it currently in progress. There is much talk about this event.

9.  What colony was handed back to China in 1997?    HONG KONG

Everyone was correct. Everyone knew that Hong Kong is a widely famous city/colony and is very wealthy. They have relationships with Britain and China, which makes it a very special place. The handover was probably the biggest event of the decade, with worldwide audiences. What happens after '97 is a big interest for many people. What will happen to Australia and Britain is also an interest!

10.  What was the disaster occurred in PNG?     TSUNAMI

The responses were quite good. Because PNG is a neighbouring country to Australia, we will show some interest towards it: it may happen to Australia. On the other hand, people who answer this question incorrect feel that PNG is not really related to us, so we ignore it. The tsunami that hit PNG was quite devastating as many lost lives. Events like this, it wouldn't be ignored by the 25 above age groups.

11.  Name an Asian country that belongs to the Commonwealth...

People were smart enough to look back to question 8. (Unless they don't know which countries participate the Commonwealth Games) If it wasn't for question 8, I don't think many would be able to get this correct. To prove this, there was a few blank responses in this question. I think the over 50's age group had more confidence in answering this question, because it involves knowledge in history. It was pleasing to see India and Sri Lanka being written!

12.  Pakistan's land used to be part of India?…   TRUE

There was one in two chances of getting it right. All the aged 25 above were correct, whilst the below 25 age group had some unlucky guesses. Because India is a big country, and is next to Pakistan's small-area country; who wouldn't believe they were once together. Most looked like lucky guesses!

13.  2 Atomic Bombs were dropped in Japan. 1st was in Hiroshima, where was the other one dropped?  NAGASAKI

I wasn't surprised to see that the over 50's respondents scored full marks in this question. They knew more about world history that any other and have heard this news earlier. Such a large event concerning deaths is always famously known by many people. I didn't expect the other people to get the name right, because normally we hear Hiroshima, but not Nagasaki, and the pronunciation is hard. The under 25 age group performed extremely well.

14.  Who was Pol Pot?   CAMBODIAN LEADER

A question concerning world history. The over 50's scored well again and the below 50's not as good. They lived longer and knew more historical events. For the younger age group, these people wouldn't have a clue who was Pol Pot, so some could have guessed it.. On the other hand, his fame of killing people would be remembered easily, especially his name.

15.  North Korea is a Non-Communist country...    NO

A few said yes, but most said no. The results were quite even for all the age groups. I think the over 50's would have a higher possibility of getting this correct. It has shown that the 25 scored less than others. Young people are less involved in politics and show little knowledge especially in other countries.

16.  Geographically, is Australia part of Asia?

I was surprised to see that the aged 25 below believed that Australia is not part of Asia. I think these people like the idea of world continents and that Australia is separate; the answer was helped by the world map. As the age group increase, the votes are more towards the agreeing side. Since Asia is connected with Australia by the south-east Asian countries, these people refer as together. Our neighbouring countries are all Asian, so why aren't we too!

17.  Do you support Asian Immigrants to Australia?

Everyone responded YES. Asian immigrants are just like everyone else. Since we are surrounded by Asian nations, we should allow them to come to Australia too. There is nothing wrong with multiculturalism, which makes us unique. Asians are not a threat.

18.  Do you think Asians in Australia are a good sign?

In support of the last question, most people were positive about Asian in Australia helping our country. Asians today have helped our economy, improved our living is a good sign... Without Asians, we would find it hard to cope with our development. Having  good relationship means more benefits in the future and a stronger country.

19.  If you were to live in an Asian country, where would it be?

The Asia countries chosen by the surveyed people are mostly rich or developing countries. Many chose to go to countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, because it is a good place to live in. Eg, Vietnam is less favoured, events happen there and the living conditions are poor. Some are not sure, they may think that Australia is perfect!

20.  Which 2 countries have the most broad relationship with Australia...     The Least?

The responses were quite confusing. Most countries were both in the most and least section. This shows that we are a multicultural country, each having a link to other countries, including US/UK. India, China, HK was voted the least related to Aust., as we have entirely different cultures. The most broad is found to be Japan - economy boasters, New Zealand - neighbouring country / communications and the UK/US - having the dame culture/language. Indonesia is also broadly related.


After analysing all the surveyed results, I have found some interesting points, the 3 age groups surveyed clearly show their different weaknesses and strengths in the awareness of Asia. It was found that out of the 75 (15x5) questions asked in each age group of -25, 25-50 and 50+, they scored 42, 46, 57 respectively.

The successful results have shown that the 50+ age group performed very well, especially in the current events and history/politics section. This proves older people know more about the history, since they lived and experienced longer and are more concerned in events. Older people have more time, so they will grasp this knowledge by reading the paper etc.

The score gradually decreases as it reaches the below 25 ages. Events that occurred before them, were the disadvantages. They care less about politics and watching the news to know about the current events...