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Simon Lee 
C/- Unley High School 
Kitchener Street 
NETHERBY,  5062  S.A. 

Tourism SA 
1 King William Street 
ADELAIDE,  5000  S.A. 

Dear Sir / Madam, 

I am a year 11 student from Unley High School. I have recently previewed the Moving Memories of South Australia, a video promotion illustrating a range of attractions to encourage overseas and interstate tourists to visit our state. I am writing to you to give my personal opinions and feedback about your video. 

The overall planning has been quite successful, and I enjoyed the presentation. The use of theme and background music were very effective, as fast moving and jumpy music reflected city-life, whilst a slow and relaxing feeling in the country areas. 

The techniques in presenting information were minimal. It was well researched, but it was not enough to convince me with visual information. I felt that there was not much communication with the viewer. 

I especially liked the filming of the country life and the Cooper Pedy's Opal mining. I found the sections on the wool cutting, trains, horse riding and our native animals quite enjoyable. Honestly, I felt that there was an over-emphasis on the Barossa Valley. It presented too much on the winemaking and some unnecessary sceneries in the hills and plains. On the other hand, places left out like the Murray, Coorong and the Whale Watching, should have been included, as they are popular destinations for tourists. 

Many aspects have been addressed in this video, but I strongly believe that it can be strengthened further. The promotion seemed to be targeting middle-aged tourists. By showing more leisure activities and animal life for the kids, it will satisfy all sections of the community. The video needs some narration or additional information for tourists. It would be a good idea to include more text and describe the location, for example by showing maps. To polish up, redesigning the video cover can give a good reflection of South Australia. 

This video is very entertaining and persuasive, and it will surely help our tourism industry. I hope you will consider some of my points mentioned, if you are to make another promotion. I wish you good luck in the future with every success. 

Yours sincerely, 


Simon LEE