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B l i t z   P a r k l a n d s   P i r a t e s

1.)  Rex Jory? initial worry on hearing the news about the fire was the damage of the old, heritage-listed grandstand near Fullarton road. The fire damage on the southern grandstand was his discovery.

2.)  The cause of the fire was the miracle. The Adelaide council decided to demolish the slight-damaged stand. He was pleased with this decision because the southern grandstand had an ugly sight on the landscape, and demolishing it will beautify the complex and allowing open space for the public.
3.)  The racing complex could do some upgrading. Rex Jory's disapproval to Victoria Park had suggested that the brick walls were blocking out the public access into the park. The view of the track and across the parklands was hidden and the stables were outdated and unattractive. Many areas are being fenced off and used for car park.

4.)  Demolishing the grandstand can do more than beautifying, but also open up for public events and other uses. Rex Jory's vision of the new Victoria Park will include public events like the rodeo. It has plenty of excitement and does no harm to the parklands. Race meetings would have a lot of spectators, as the racetrack is located very close to the city centre. Equestrian events are an international event, and is a good purpose that helps our state. It is held in Victoria Park but he does not want it relocated.

5.)  Rex says there is no excuse for allowing such a large area of the parklands to be fenced off because it is not used often. It is no excuse to leave it unused and untouched and let it rot like the rest of the buildings.

6.)  Rex states that the Grand Prix track should be taken out because 'we' are never going to get the race back. Because the track is not used, leaving it there will destroy the image of the parklands.

7a.) Dequeteville Terrace Bowling Club: He believes the bowling club does not fit the spirit of recreational use in the parklands. The multi-functioned centre is also used for other purposes (as well as bowling) and the area is mostly used for parking.
b.)  Sporting Grounds: Sporting grounds such as basketball courts are now less used due to new courts being opened in Mile End, nearby. There are also sporting club head quarters that are used as changing rooms, storage areas and meeting centres. But they are not used for its purpose. Demolishing them will do some help.
c.)  Adelaide H.S.: It started out as the old Bureau of Meteorology and was demolished to return as a park. Now this area is occupied by Adelaide High School. Rex believes the park should be left untouched.

8.)  Overall, Rex's vision of the parklands is described as inappropriate to pedestrian access with unwanted buildings. He sees the parklands as being a community treasure and a valuable piece of South Australia. And demolishing the southern grandstand is the start…

9.)  I think the arguments he has made were quite reasonable. Being South Australia's treasure, we do not want the park to have an ugly description. Let's forget the Grand Prix and focus on other public events such as horse racing (as it is the 2nd popular sport in Australia!). The demolishing and upgrade of inappropriate buildings can open up a new era for Victoria Park!