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N e w s p a p e r    A n a l y s i s    2

1a) The Australian electorate has signalled it wants more than just tax reform to decide the election, and has left the final votes in the hands of the undecided and One Nation supporters.
b) 1 in 5 voters believe that both the Coalition or ALP's tax packages are better off.

2a) Mr. Howard says modern elections were 'volatile and difficult and big majorities don't count a great deal.' Mr. Beazley quotes that 'there're no two ways about it in this campaign.'
b) The news-poll survey showed Mr. Howard's Better Prime Minister percentage is 39%, or 2% more than Mr. Beazley (last week). In mid-August, Mr. Howard's percentage is 41, which is 5% more than the opposition. Their parties in mid-August were: Coalition 44% and the ALP 39%, but last week, their percentage is 40% a piece, thanks to the Labor party's tax launch.

3a) One Nation had more support (into 10%) with the help of the Coalition's drop in support and the undecided votes in both parties.
b) Labor's proposed tax packages have the most support. 21% felt better off under ALP's package and 23% said it would be worse off. In the Coalition, 33% think their system is worse off. Overall, 41% is in favour to the ALP and 37% to the Coalition.
c) The Coalition's tax package was seen as better for the country's economy; with their 47% support against ALP? 29%. (33% saying the ALP's plan is bad for the economy against 24%)
d) The ALP's tax proposals were aimed at low-income earners and the Coalition's plan giving the largest tax breaks to the highest income earners. Both parties have the same amount of support in the wage-earning tax reforms.

4a) It means that the station asked Mr. Howard some questions that would allow him to gain support and without harming his popularity. The radio station gave him an advantage to address his words…
b) Mr. Beazley was on the same station, which pleased him, because the interviewer had been criticising Mr. Howard's terms.

5a) North Korea launched a new long-range nuclear-capable missile into the Sea of Japan in a provocative test that extends the nuclear shadow beyond Japan to Taiwan. It posed the biggest threat to regional peace for more than 5 years.
b) In hearing about the news, the US described the Pyongyang's test as a serious development. In Japan, they called the exercise extremely regrettable, and said they would protest to North Korea's closest ally, China. For the South Koreans, it was another attempt to destroy President Kim Daejung's attempts at reunification and magnified recent North Korean spy intrusions.
c)  Patrick Rafter won the Hamlet Cup.
d)  Sunday, October the 3rd '98 is the next federal election!